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Judicial Seat #36

Shawn McMillan
McMillan For Judge

The People's Judge!


Why Am I Running For Superior Court Judge?

Many people are asking why I am willing to walk away from a multi-million-dollar law practice to run for judge. My answer is a simple one really. For me it’s a matter of principle. I am running to give voters a choice. Had I not thrown my hat in the ring, the retiring judge would have been successful in hand picking his successor, a woman who has been referred to by some in the community, including her own office, as “the anointed one.” We do not live in a dynastic oligarchy.

It is the voters who get to pick their representatives. Not some self-proclaimed overlords. I am running to let the downtown power brokers know that their plans sometimes fail, and that there are good people out there who are paying attention. And, I’ve put my money where my mouth is. I am not asking for a single contribution or endorsement. I am asking for your support and your vote. A vote for me is a vote for complete and total independence.

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If you’re tired of elites acting like they “know better” than YOU how to live your life and raise your FAMILY

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If you feel like your voice is never heard in how government operates

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If you feel that people are elected into power and then forget who they’re supposed to serve

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If you work your fingers to the bone but feel you never get ahead or catch a break, while every door opens for the elites

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If you feel your civil liberties are under attack

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If you have big dreams for you and your family but worry about them getting a fair shake

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Let Me Say Out Loud

Let me say out loud what everyone thinks: The justice system only works for the rich and powerful. Vote for me, tell 50 of your friends to vote for me, and I will stop the favoritism.

I Am Not Beholden

I am not beholden to special interests that endorse a candidate which a candidate then “owes.” A vote for me is a vote for INDEPENDENCE and a vote to fix the DISTRUST in our judicial system. I will be the type of judge that any person wants to hear their case.

As A Civil Rights Lawyer

As a plaintiff’s civil rights lawyer, I built a successful statewide law practice that sues counties for failing to follow CONSTITUTIONAL safeguards which led to the tragic deaths, molestation, and severe physical abuse of toddlers to teens. I know governmental overreach occurs because I have seen it and felt the pain of survivors. I have fought it. As a judge, I will not tolerate it.

Our Civil Justice System Is Broken

Our Civil Justice system is broken: It is too expensive and complicated. Justice for civil disputes is outside the reach of most Californians. This needs to change, and I have plans to change it.

I Have Never Worked For A Public Agency

I have never worked for a public agency or Government. If elected, I will devote my efforts 100% to dispensing JUSTICE. I built a successful multinational computer business before I was a lawyer and built an effective and efficient law practice through hard work and perseverance. I know, unlike many, how demanding it is to meet a PAYROLL. Serving as a judge should never be considered a part-time job. The lights in my courtroom will always be on for you when the courthouse is open.

I’m taking my campaign to the streets. I am the People’s Judge. I have given a voice to the VOICELESS for 20 years. I have forced counties, governments, judges, and juries to put a dollar amount on the horrors child and parent SURVIVORS have suffered: child molestation, severe physical and emotional abuse, and lifelong post-traumatic stress from children unconstitutionally ripped from their parents’ arms.

I have always fought for the underdog. I outwit, outlast, and outsmart the elites who hold all of the power, and I will do the same for you — the voter. After all, in addition to being named a “Top Gun” litigator and “Super Lawyer,” I have also been voted a “Street Fighter” for justice. I earned a national reputation as a leader righting the wrongs of do-nothing and malicious bureaucrats that violated our most sacred rights as parents: how to raise our children.

What The People Say