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Shawn McMillan

I’m Shawn McMillan and I am running for Superior Court Judge, Seat #36. I am 53 years old and a native of San Diego, California. I went to elementary school at Curie Elementary School on Governor Drive, in University City through second grade. Then, when my mom got hired to teach full time at Clairemont High School, I transferred to Whittier Elementary School on Clairemont Drive. I came back to University City to attend Stanley Junior High school. I spent one semester at University City High school when it was brand new, then my mom (who by now was also an attorney) transferred to Mission Bay High school and brought me with her. She kept me there, tightly under her thumb until I graduated in 1984. From there, I attended UCSD where I obtained a Bachelors degree in Chinese Studies with an area of concentration focused on Pacific Trade.

Shortly after graduating from High school, I got my first job as a computer programmer working at a local biotech company called Hybritech from there I moved to Courseware, all the while attending UCSD. In about 1986, I quit programming to join my brother in a computer hardware business that he started off my parents’ kitchen table. In the fifteen years that followed, we grew the business from my parents’ living room to a company which, at its peak, had more than 70 employees in three countries with two offices in Mexico (Guadalajara and Tijuana), Hong Kong, and the United States. By 1996, it was clear that a major market consolidation was coming and competitive pressures drove us to change course. My brother and I both went to law school at night, while we downsized the business.

I graduated from law school in June 1999, took the bar exam (which I passed on the first try) and was admitted to the California Bar in November 2000. For my first four years in practice, I was a solo practitioner and shared an office with my father, who is also an attorney. I incorporated The Law Offices of Shawn A. McMillan, APC. in 2004. I am the sole shareholder and principal trial attorney for the Law Offices of Shawn A McMillan, APC., where I carry my own active case load and supervise two other full-time attorneys. My wife, Hestia also works in the business.

McMillan For Judge

Until roughly 2009, my firm focused primarily on the litigation, trial, and appeals of complex business disputes including copyright and trademark infringement cases, cases involving claims of economic interference, as well as cases involving complex price fixing schemes and violation of the Cartwright Act as well as Chapter 11 restructuring.

Since becoming a lawyer, I have always maintained an active trial practice.
In 2009, I began to refocus my practice on protecting the civil rights of children and parents who become involved with government child protection agencies. Currently, I am admitted to practice in both California and Washington State. I am admitted to practice before the Southern, Central, and Eastern Federal District Courts in California and the District Court in Arizona. In addition, I am admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

In total, I have been practicing law for nineteen, soon to be twenty years. I enjoy the highest peer rating for professional ability and ethics possible in Martindale-Hubbell, “A/V,” and am a member of a number of attorney-oriented associations including Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, and Consumer Attorneys of California.

In the past I have been an active member of the San Diego Taxpayer’s Association, The Lincoln Club, and the Asian Business Associate, where I sat on its board of directors for a number of years. In addition, I was also on the board of directors of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce for several years. Ultimately, the demands of my growing law practice and my growing family required all of my time. Now my children are grown so 100% of my time is available to focus on work, whatever that may be.